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Buy the Book

What do you think of when you hear or see the word enrich? Does it hint at an increase in wealth? Does it suggest possibilities and potential?

Everyone can enrich their lives, but most of us go through life with untapped potential while our God-given gifts and talents lie dormant, unused, untouched and undeveloped.

God made you for more, and when there’s something you’re meant to do, you are not off the hook yet! So matter where you are on your life’s journey, this book contains real-life, pertinent information you can use today to:

Pursue your purpose!
Chart a New Course for your life!
Put you on the path to fulfilling your dreams!
Build Authentic Relationships!

Helen Daniels is a Certified Personal Development Coach, executive, and business trainer, workshop facilitator, author, and speaker. Helen delivers her unique brand of insights and perspective on the issues and challenges of team building, leadership, motivation, women issues and customer service facing today‘s business owners, corporations, nonprofits, and churches.